What is Flex VPS of buHost?

A VPS was the first step to offer a professional service of hosting since all the characteristics of the virtual servant were formed to taste, with total personalisation but without the responsibility and costs of maintaining an own equipment.

But this option required to decide what so large and benefits beforehand to contract. Until now…

Flexible resources

Flex VPS is an exclusive service of buHost, that allows to engage a virtual servant with the minimum benefits, and to be extending it as the business grows. No longer it is necessary to consider or to make planning of sales.

With Flex VPS there are rigid plans, nor no closed packages, with tied unnecessary resources to each other.

A complete and flexible Control Panel allows to modify each one of the characteristics of the servant. The changes are applied to the equipment very instantaneously, without times of delay, which allows to lodge the new domains without delay.

Not only it is possible to extinguish, to ignite and to reinitiate the own VPS without needing contacting the technical support, but also that can be reshaped the VPS at any time, whichever times is needed, with the Panel of Configuration of Resources.

When selecting the new configuration the changes are applied automatically on the VPS and the information of the discounts or additional costs by the change and the remaining days to the closing of the cycle of invoicing is also generated.

Flex VPS of buHost

Whether the business is on the verge of beginning, as if either hosting is being offered to clients, Flex VPS is the advisable option the more to grow.

Monitoring in real time

Flex VPS counts on a nice interface of monitoring where it can see exactly what resources are using and act consequently.

No longer there is mystery: in a single page and of a single screenshot you can see the movement, which really happens in your VPS, real time and totally graphical form.

Use of CPU, You praise, disc RAM, Space and Traffic of Network, in addition to alert automatic to your mail; all tools for your tranquillity and the one of your clients.

Flex VPS of buHost