Frequent questions

    This guide is to form an account in Filezilla but any client of FTP can use since the steps are similar:

  1. Manager of sites enters File >…
  2. New site makes click in the button
  3. A name for the connection enters. By ex. and presses Enter
  4. The name of the Servant writes:
  • If its domain already is delegated writes
  • If its domain not yet is delegated and it cannot be connected, the IP IP_Servidor enters
  • It selects Way of access: Normal
  • It completes his name of User: NombreUsuario
  • It completes the Password provided in the discharge mail that we have sent to him.
  • It makes click in Connecting
  • Note: If the servant responds “530 Login incorrect” verifies that the password well is written.
    A very frequent error is that when copying and sticking the password a space is added in the end causing that the servant rejects it.

    Important: Public_html raises to its archives the folder, that is the visible folder from Internet, and within the same folder it eliminates only the index.html file.