Frequent questions

Reseller counts

    In the first place some Plan is due to have to assign it to the new users who are going away to create.

    If not yet it has created Plans, it must create a New Plan

    To enter To add New User:
  1. To complete a user name (Between 3 and 10 characters, letters and/or numbers without spaces)
  2. To complete email of the client (a mail will be sent automatically to the client with the access data)
  3. To complete password or to generate a random one (It must contain but of 8 characters, combining uppercase letters, small letters and numbers)
  4. To complete domain name (without www)
  5. To select the Plan
  6. Click in Accepting

Note: In accounts to reseller, DirectAdmin allows to also create domains without independent users. This way the domain will belong to its own user.