Frequent questions


    Instructions to form its accounts of mail in Outlook or Outlook Express:

    • In Outlook to select to Tools/Accounts/To add/Mail…
    • The name of the account (ex enters. Its complete name)
    • The direction of the account enters: [email protected]
    • It selects POP3 for incoming servant.
    • The field Servant of incoming mail it enters:
    • The field Servant of salient mail (SMTP) it enters:
    • In the name of the account it places: [email protected]
    • In password it enters: Its Password

    After creating its account will have to realise the following thing:

    • To open to Tools and Accounts soon.
    • To make click in the eyelash of Mail.
    • To double make Click in the account of corresponding mail of the list or to select the account and to click in Properties.
    • To select to the eyelash Servers.
    • To brand the option My servant requires authentication.
    • To unmark the option of safe connection SSL.
    • To make click in Accepting and soon To close.
    In order to enter his account via Web (from any PC, without needing Outlook) he will have to enter to and to enter in the name of user: [email protected] and in Password: Its Password